Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Many a pebble on one's way
If it were to be given adequate shine....

Would not be India " A vision at bay!"
The ugly face turned beautiful in reality Fine!!

Each Collector rooted to his work;
The big moneyed pockets  boon of  our society

The business houses show greater civic nook!
Adding beauty to their immediate environment's activity!

We go abroad;admire come back and forget?
Do none of you stars of this world wish to make a change?

Car parking needed ;so customers parking get!
Come Trichy! wake up! Arise to level the range!

Per capital income shall rise;
Soon the divides will narrow

Man will under the competitive government spice
Also due progress envision coming morrow!!

The Reliance pact with China welcome
Why not our language in their country too?

Hindustan ka Hindi ,our Dravidian languages  too  ; in China some.........
The future" man powered nations" shall all  soon take this cue...........

Let the west; sit up to admire the east
Just as we their culture do.....

Lets North take a leaf from the pages of Indian women's test!
Also welcome take our unconditional love with respect due.........!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir!

( An humble dream of an humble poet's......

Shared  heads of schools and universities, colleges....too
To let it shine?
It will need the beautiful , loving, caring  human part of this world's  great people's better part of their hearts perhaps.......
Their greatness in the way they treat little people!........with so much more tolerance;
The girdle of friendship.......of collectors; police officials,bankers, high officials of different walks of life
,of the great Actors, actress, Multi -media, paper people, business houses...
Our Honorable ministers........Who have  the ability to move unified thought and actions!!)

To make this more a dream..............


beyond pettiness in politicing to 
Beautiful moves!



IN unity ! DESPITE diversity!

greater potential!

Monday, August 27, 2012

In my perceptive .......

I would love to see peace at equilibrium
Which would arrive weighing things up
Perhaps the balance scales are to the brim
Well,a little discussion before sup;

On the streets,roads valley and mountain trail
The blue sky above and the clouds breezy lies moving........
The foam of speedy dirty waters? thunderous to grail?
Well to jockey ,I keep my wishes pacing......

Should clear all heads and peace restore
World is "MAYA" or simply our visions of it!
As you think so you see what is in our store!
Faithfully being marketed ;making money with every bit!

Will the maker of this universe
Make decision wiser ;asks the "KARMA"
Sitting stout on the scales trying to verse!
Well ; it is definitely not running to "MA"

It is standing tall,breathing easy being cool!
It perceives this is achieved by the holder of this balance
The remaining tiger in the pool
It is called "AA/NA/VAM" or simply EGO in self reliance!

"MAYA" And "KARMA" the two cats,black and white
Held to balance by the brown monkey"EGO"
Up one minute;then down not to whim but adjustments slight
And so the story into SHIVA SIDDHANTHA Steps on  the GO!

This a doctrine not a religion ;can be by every one read
Freely heard on C.D's,and read in numerous books
It is I believe  a sound creed,as  Lady Montessori's sound  bred
Captures my mind ,holds it meditatively more than looks!


Happiness is like liquid chocolate

Happiness is like liquid chocolate
Flowing freely and beautiful........
Beauty of responsibility in its dribbling state
World is a larger beautiful school

It is the beauty of unity tender and smiling........
It is understanding , love, sharing,caring fun.........
Love is hearts making  wishes together smiling..........
The smiling faces together without pretend or fain
~~~~~~~~~~~~malini kadir

Thursday, August 23, 2012



The "Pen" wishes to write;
Inspire to strength, to bond
With the hearts of  the simple,bright!
To find the courage sound!

To lift the crisis looming in the horizon
When the banks sigh; are left high and dry.......
New age methods loud,to ground ;looked on....
Computers free ways; embedded to try!

Is India ready?Or is it misinformed?
Experts must discuss before they can brainstorm
Stronger governance the need of the hour claimed
Experts focus ;will  steady trends soon form?

Service to man , is service to God
Our leaders must lead tall.......
Come rise to the occasion my Sun Shine lord
This is earth's united call
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stand unhindered in the state

"கிட்டாத ஈசனுனைக் கிட்டி அருள்புரி   ந்

நிட்டாநு பூதி நிலையிலே – முட்டா

திருவன்னி சேர்ந்துமாற் றேறியபொன் போல

வரும்இன்ப பூரணமா வை."

            Stand unhindered in the state

            Of realization of holy union

            Which the Lord, Unapproachable

            Drawing near, in grace vouchsafed to thee.

            As gold put in fire enhanceth in quality

            Even so shalt thou become

  1.  The perfection of joy that cometh to thee.

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*********~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Walking through the gates of heaven

Walking through the gates of heaven
Unscathed by the perils oft witnessed only by mankind......
The purity of purpose;
In patient forbearance.....................
Shall both slander and fowl play as white sheet reflect........

For untouched by the gimmicks of ever powerful 's; power play
The veil of other's reflect clothed;
Coloured  yet  peaceful withstood
Holding up the ideals deep bound within;
let the soul walk on..........

The flag of peace resident in the heart
White and flying high and erect!

Let the strides of the nation also come clean!
Come The Erector of  this vast land
Hold a stronger stand;

Show that the hands of large corrupt groups
Will have to cut their activities short!

Power will have to be just given

Short cuts never the answer

Or power cuts, and water cuts!

Who so ever whimsical fancy

They now must regular wrap the routines

The borders of this nation more secure

Extend hands to elevate the ties

Friendship girdles ever green


The Trigger of thoughts

The Trigger of thoughts
That impinged my conscience
Asking me ;why not a penance?
When world is full of such smart slots? 

The Elephant God's power on this world huge
As strong as the worldly speedy horse power ?
Continue to as large as life tower.............
You with no remorse  emotions scrounge!

I smile up at you and dimple......;
Well ; the poets pen wishes world peace!
You then  questions to ask cease.....
I continue; eyes on immediate family portal.......

Yet the heart is squeezed tight a wee bit;
A deep longing to your voice again hear; speaks..........
As  a mischievous smile on your cheek  tweaks
Speaks of your unchanged love and of vivacious wit

Whispers into my friendly ears,
Smiling away cares;will you meet?
It will be simply an unforgettable  treat
I shall dimple in thought for years..........
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Malinikadir

Saturday, August 18, 2012



People all for it !!Yes! peace please !!

EGO  has its two sides too!(Also produces drive to pursue)

Asset each human being's search

Conquest each man's zeal and zest!

Enemy his own attitudes and environmental limitations

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Malini Kadir

Butterfly On the Key Ring

        Butterfly of the key chain ring
  Smiled ;promising never to sling
        Eyes  loving idea's  spring!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

STEP BY STEP........

Mother Earth
Is Patient and Full of Unconditional Love
Congress of People To Unconditional Acceptance
It is not the question ;
If The direction is uncorrupted 
If the governance Is focused
The leader ship
Has to have a single day on earth every month perhaps;
Were ,the THREE HEADS of states and COUNTRIES MEET
When head of  every existing terrorist group
Can place his grievance on the table

ONE TABLE,every platform
Communication made possible.........
Given 48 hours ,Every week
Updates possible On Open WAYS TO SOLUTION.
People working in the concerned department requested
To take step one at a time nearer to the solution...




Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Haiku again......I.D.H...


Man born on this earth

Is subject to fate to evolve;

Bonding with life; birth!


The recession time

Sheer sadness, primitiveness

Effects;world mime!


The bubble laughter

Rainbow colored reality!

Sprinkle joys,sweet nectar!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

VALMIKI inspired dream.........

Inspired by the story of Valmiki the thief;
Who in later years turned the writer of Ramayana
Inspired by Ram and Sita,longing to borrow a leaf
From the scriptures richness and holy mantra

Letting the past, leave me equipped for morose grief
Being no answer worthy of praise ,only alarms
I stroll through this virtual world, with ease in relief
Having overcome the menace of futile chat rooms

Wonder if,man kinds entire free time could be engaged
In peace strokes to the Big bang change of norms
To invade the world , to knock on the doors of individual paged
Where ripe knowledge of experience adorns

To make them; even after retirements engage
Into dreams of distant, less time taxed observations
To enhance the frame work of existing systems this age
To bring about universal solutions ;where there is actions

So that mankind strides into a world with power of unity
Into a nuzzle free ,space well used abundance
Dreams more constructive, applicable,positive to entity
Making world a fear free paradise incarceration!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MaliniKAdir



Universal needs of the down trodden
Healthy pockets must ease......
The laws may car industry harness, brand laden
Serve the nations better ,they should " paraphrase'

I see with poetic eye;
A scarcity of petrol and diesel
I also  the traffic hazards spy
The tough competency's good sell

Half of earth ;as roads may have to change
And the rest as basement and skyscrapers
Ho ;well brothers of these high range
I wonder if comfy travel are myth trappers

Need to swing into the research wing
Pit wits into the making of scientific replacement
Of our "ozone deficit sky above" caused by our wing...........
Letting the "SUN" scorch mankind to skin aliment

Heaven may just decide to shift residence
God may holiday in god's own country!
Earth may still be the paradise in essence
If we simply join hands to common goals try!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini kadir

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Wordsworth, for instance, presented his "“the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” to announce the new poetics of Romanticism; his poems illustrated what he meant by that. But all one has to do is to pick out lines like

"For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;"
("I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud", by Wordsworth)


The dust with light ;through the window shaft
You lightup a straight path; you  so willing do
I could the many particles;rainbow coloured draft
In the muling stream of white light; it enormous grew......

A sudden vision; oft that is "You"
So sudden into my room you do visit
Like genie out of the "lamp legend"come true
I laugh at my smiling delight as you persist!!!!!!!!!

Haiku of my dream land
Low behold ; grow in size
I strike you with my golden wand
I joyful prance with you in moonrise

The dark of night; makes a hero of you extraordinary!!
Shadowed thoughts you have convicted
Into the prison for this entire life time by pillory
I smiling hold on with love held dearer ;I reflected................. 


Sonnet Sudden

Sonnet Sudden

Skyscrapers stand tall
Cottages almost brush
Wholesome in exhilarating call
To man's whispered wish

The lush green bushes silent,
The moon out to dance moonbeams
The entire earth collared deep violet!
Or is it more silvery as it smiling secret gleams?

Patience is a virtue noble
It will all; into loving depths ennoble

Rugged Breath

Rugged breaths shock!
Passion prevalent bloodstreams
Hot blooded Indians  rock!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


1) Reliance with Anna Neta ;
Fiery black tar ;roads to lanes
Service together;strength sublime!!!!!!!

Sweetness home sustain;
Poetic passions; culture refine!!!
Submissive smile.........................................

Daughter married off; 
My daughter's "Joy-Time's son!"
Lets ccccccccccccccelebrate!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini kadir

Thursday, August 2, 2012



      She  Stepped back in generation
Walking strides with people
     Twice, or half her age walking a mile
In their shoes;learnt to grapple
      Creating rivulets of optimism
With real estate,state issues too , to state
      Transformations,need of the hour!!!
Agricultural front in mismanaged stress?
       Creating rivulets of courage;rage?
Life around for ever must evolve
       Around sound systems revolve
Microscopic hand held visions of concentration
       Tending with focus; priorities in vision
Man verses woman not;more a Man;
       A complimentary,counterpart
In rightful concern; please do discern
      I humble hope,pray,and plead a good start!
I am more shy than proud perhaps;
        More poetic than practical per lapse;
Let the world ,love's depths discern
       And its dignity of right conduct and concern.
Let the rivulets to flowing water urge easy
      Flowing on wards in optimistic synergy!! 
Life is not about, win or loose,but playing just
       Acceptance of the irreversible,foggy mist
Some bonds ,remain oft equally strong
       True Love is understanding the other's pain....
Come and tell me, face to face;In my shoes
        How else you will walk an open book life?
To see beyond a clearer path.........
      Earthen lamp lit ,try to itch a no war path!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir!
(I have written 3000 0r more poems on love, relationship,conflicts and making up.....)
Now lets see how many I can write on "PEACE"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012



When the pyramid is in Egypt ;your Highness;
 Is in the knowing hands of all to hear.......

The words of sweetness
To my ears no sweeter appear......
Antony and Cleopatra evoked?
All Greek and Latin to me invoked!!
The calmness in my  struggling heart
Wonders if innocent, blamed is justified....
Making the streets a holy part......
Why is heart put to shame classified?
Where is curiosity so awakened?
Is their as usual personal gains reckoned?
Then I shrug my shoulders;curious love?
The Lord almighty up above;
Knows the answers........
As he in our path all of us ushers!
Must now actions as befitting a Queen take
For tears are now ;not wasted in waters of stagnant lake
Let the rivers be joined to better waterways build
The electric grid within and without in stronger weld
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir

LIFE MUST GO ON..............

Eat a good breakfast
Zeal will peak up!
Heeling begins with forgiving
I prefer to you forgive;
Larger picture of life and peace
Are my visions and goal
Rare to visualize perhaps
Apt to aim high towards anti-terrorism
Service to man is service to God
I humble take my campaign to larger world!