Tuesday, March 13, 2012



When suddenly the meaning of pursuit is lost;
The grip of getting ahead is taken off
Time is still, with little duties done regularly most....
Not needing mind space or much thought
As if into automation been pushed
The push button of your mind ;
Makes you walk to find space and time
At the quay side
As thoughts reside;
Night silently walks to occupy its place.....
Empty boats of lost dreams tease you as it moves
Moves and hits each other,
in the stagnant waters
Perhaps creating ripples  too......
unoccupied, viewed preoccupied
As the peace of restful distant horizon
Adds a numb chillness to the listless bones
Perhaps making new resolution for the morrow noons.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moot Malini

Let the fingers be crossed....

Let the fingers be crossed....

Let the fingers be crossed....
We have made it past the barriers of illness,
Harsh words, failures, setbacks,
We have walked in unity beyond the doubts ,
Evil belittling words,angry outbursts,
We have discovered that the more important things .....
Can not be at the mercy of lesser things ;
When unity survives, humanness prevails!!!
For none of us here on this earth are perfect
Simple ! because the laws of nature and religion says
We are born to rectify
To overcome and perfect our souls
If that were an accomplished  work
We would be saying goodbye to work here.....
So life is within you and me cause we still have ours imperfections ...............

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moot Malini

Weaving the threads of womanhood

Weaving the threads of womanhood
In realistic  intricate designs
Makings of a heart of tender soft wood
Are hanging maternal love's visible signs

She is oft so ready to walk against the world;
Against her own previous precepts
To embrace with cheer, things new urban and cold
Trusting her smooth talking rising experts.......

On the decisive subjects
Perhaps in the bottom of her vulnerable heart
Her own shortcoming perfects
To become the unshakable base ;of there entire part!

Handling the kids in numerous ways
Pushing and pulling; yelling and scolding
But steady in there periphery stays
Just  a call away not into things meddling

Always ready; to give the helping hand!
Do the needful; even the unplanned
Just to ensure; the smile first hand
Umbilical chords are cut ;bonds never end! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~malinikadir