Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stand unhindered in the state

"கிட்டாத ஈசனுனைக் கிட்டி அருள்புரி   ந்

நிட்டாநு பூதி நிலையிலே – முட்டா

திருவன்னி சேர்ந்துமாற் றேறியபொன் போல

வரும்இன்ப பூரணமா வை."

            Stand unhindered in the state

            Of realization of holy union

            Which the Lord, Unapproachable

            Drawing near, in grace vouchsafed to thee.

            As gold put in fire enhanceth in quality

            Even so shalt thou become

  1.  The perfection of joy that cometh to thee.

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Walking through the gates of heaven

Walking through the gates of heaven
Unscathed by the perils oft witnessed only by mankind......
The purity of purpose;
In patient forbearance.....................
Shall both slander and fowl play as white sheet reflect........

For untouched by the gimmicks of ever powerful 's; power play
The veil of other's reflect clothed;
Coloured  yet  peaceful withstood
Holding up the ideals deep bound within;
let the soul walk on..........

The flag of peace resident in the heart
White and flying high and erect!

Let the strides of the nation also come clean!
Come The Erector of  this vast land
Hold a stronger stand;

Show that the hands of large corrupt groups
Will have to cut their activities short!

Power will have to be just given

Short cuts never the answer

Or power cuts, and water cuts!

Who so ever whimsical fancy

They now must regular wrap the routines

The borders of this nation more secure

Extend hands to elevate the ties

Friendship girdles ever green


The Trigger of thoughts

The Trigger of thoughts
That impinged my conscience
Asking me ;why not a penance?
When world is full of such smart slots? 

The Elephant God's power on this world huge
As strong as the worldly speedy horse power ?
Continue to as large as life tower.............
You with no remorse  emotions scrounge!

I smile up at you and dimple......;
Well ; the poets pen wishes world peace!
You then  questions to ask cease.....
I continue; eyes on immediate family portal.......

Yet the heart is squeezed tight a wee bit;
A deep longing to your voice again hear; speaks..........
As  a mischievous smile on your cheek  tweaks
Speaks of your unchanged love and of vivacious wit

Whispers into my friendly ears,
Smiling away cares;will you meet?
It will be simply an unforgettable  treat
I shall dimple in thought for years..........
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Malinikadir