Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lets in unity face it and live on......

Lets in unity face it and live on......

Some Natures of the born wild
Hold the roaming man's thought
Elephants have long memory ;I smiled
God with similar portrayal is so too sought

The dream of a  future,
Where better offspring's are born
Not dire needing the sun to nurture
I pray God will our world again scan.....

See deeper the flaws unintended formed
By the careless handling of man by himself
In search of progress equal digress alarmed
Wear the shield of humor;forgotten in the shelf !!

No man different from another
In that he too respect, love, progress desires.....
Comforts of ease,and no disease either;
Survival and smiles ;Lord Krishna charming inspires!!

Jesus  sincerely serious, Allah  "prophet of peace"
Buddha acceptance of pain;Jain of avoidance of possibility of Crime;
All known sects and religion has a common denominator LOVE as base
Animals in actions natural ,tensions in its wide wild ways, in active decrease!


For is it not said....".When you can not win ; you can at least sure grin!"