Wednesday, March 7, 2012



The forbidden ternary
Where young hearts oft stumble
I sure do not grumble
True; folks in trendy irony!

Yet Love is no disease
To persons amputate
But never the less; lets your tensions ease
Sure  gathers a lot of  bad repute.......

How true can an human being be?
Yet not gather the clouds of thunder?
Love is emotional sin maybe
If distance always kept ;no blunder!!

Human race of sceptic persons;
Must understand humanitarian values more
Love is not always degradable within reasons
I will proud proclaim ; never turn sour.......

For past can not be erased
It can only be accepted and lived with
Perhaps not all very pleased;
But never the less;humble humanly accepted truth !

Honesty can not a virtue stay if society opposes
Then lies need to be told; hypocrisy will need to stay
Truth said or unsaid not its value looses
If always kept chained by self control to the bay!!

Childhood infatuation has its place
So do teenage curvatures of the mind and heart..
Each must in his own life trace........
Till the dream man of your life enters to become a part

Being faithful; Is having said your vows
Letting your life around him revolve
Yet tell me folks;can truths be changed for shows?
It speaks of maturity to discern and evolve

It speaks of pain kept within;
It speaks of hurts along life's realistic path
Till the heart in grips of Angina
Must express to survive ; life in stake at length!!

Then the woman must decide
If she loves her hubby and values her children enough
To wish to her own life sustain with aide
Or should she her emotions allow to kill her rough?

Who pray; who will her loving hubby turn to?
Or her dear children turn to?
Will the so called society that talk; care too?
No; if heart must walk free of stresses true

I did just that; let my emotions blocked within flow.....
Flow out into beautiful verses of rhyme to chime
Letting my hurt heart heal with  true love slow.......
I am a mother first and a woman next having committed no crime.........

Bold yes, true too; yes and I married for love
And lived happily with him too
Life in a village ;away in a lovely woody alcove

KADIR meaning light;MALINI meaning small.....
TODAY my poetry holds love;
Love that only KADIR has shown in true life at all......
All my poetry in love ; love's imaginary alcove 

For love adds depths; shows vulnerability
Must also add the depth of character to sustain through life....
Shows too how unreasonable adult; could add the poison of doubt
To set fire to a happy life ;for merely no  benefits but creating strife!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MALINI KADIR