Saturday, September 29, 2012

I dream to wake up oft

I dream to wake up oft
With different thoughts crowding
Predominant yet soft
Insistent wish for peace un-denying ......

I wonder at the scattered efforts
present here and there
Wonder if joint ventures are comforts
Simultaneous growth here.......

Odds and dead end
Make man pursue his limits
New ways form to mend
Progress en-route progressive hits

For ever this thought remains
That chemical balance of brain
The root and seat of wisdom strains
Under pressure in daily lanes

Working class should have Saturday, Sunday off
Weekend systems should  prevail every where
It would ensure  rested recuperated working force ;a mass of,
Better human man power in our land here

Even schools would fare better attentiveness
With children learning to pursue other activities too
Once sleep adequate given;will well being harness!!
These times of computers ;eye strained by T.V also  true.........

Do we relax the muscles of the eye ; look far off?
Where are the open grounds and play grounds not many
These are luxuries rare found ; only in dreams more.....
Cycles are mentally looked down upon....still healthy sunny!

Old woman, will you stop advising?
Or shall I throw stones to show my dis-approval?
I feel like throwing a bucket of water, down your head splashing!
Shall I push you into the ocean itself ,throw in a swimsuit and a towel!

Swim a while
let your moods elevate
Watch and SMILE!
I shall join you later ;don't wait!!