Wednesday, August 1, 2012



When the pyramid is in Egypt ;your Highness;
 Is in the knowing hands of all to hear.......

The words of sweetness
To my ears no sweeter appear......
Antony and Cleopatra evoked?
All Greek and Latin to me invoked!!
The calmness in my  struggling heart
Wonders if innocent, blamed is justified....
Making the streets a holy part......
Why is heart put to shame classified?
Where is curiosity so awakened?
Is their as usual personal gains reckoned?
Then I shrug my shoulders;curious love?
The Lord almighty up above;
Knows the answers........
As he in our path all of us ushers!
Must now actions as befitting a Queen take
For tears are now ;not wasted in waters of stagnant lake
Let the rivers be joined to better waterways build
The electric grid within and without in stronger weld
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir

LIFE MUST GO ON..............

Eat a good breakfast
Zeal will peak up!
Heeling begins with forgiving
I prefer to you forgive;
Larger picture of life and peace
Are my visions and goal
Rare to visualize perhaps
Apt to aim high towards anti-terrorism
Service to man is service to God
I humble take my campaign to larger world!