Saturday, September 29, 2012

I dream to wake up oft

I dream to wake up oft
With different thoughts crowding
Predominant yet soft
Insistent wish for peace un-denying ......

I wonder at the scattered efforts
present here and there
Wonder if joint ventures are comforts
Simultaneous growth here.......

Odds and dead end
Make man pursue his limits
New ways form to mend
Progress en-route progressive hits

For ever this thought remains
That chemical balance of brain
The root and seat of wisdom strains
Under pressure in daily lanes

Working class should have Saturday, Sunday off
Weekend systems should  prevail every where
It would ensure  rested recuperated working force ;a mass of,
Better human man power in our land here

Even schools would fare better attentiveness
With children learning to pursue other activities too
Once sleep adequate given;will well being harness!!
These times of computers ;eye strained by T.V also  true.........

Do we relax the muscles of the eye ; look far off?
Where are the open grounds and play grounds not many
These are luxuries rare found ; only in dreams more.....
Cycles are mentally looked down upon....still healthy sunny!

Old woman, will you stop advising?
Or shall I throw stones to show my dis-approval?
I feel like throwing a bucket of water, down your head splashing!
Shall I push you into the ocean itself ,throw in a swimsuit and a towel!

Swim a while
let your moods elevate
Watch and SMILE!
I shall join you later ;don't wait!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living delicate in the fabric of life;

Living delicate  in the fabric of life;
The pages into days flew
I remain a docile wife
Of this all very well knew.......

I pick the words to play
Words to tell and say
There is a problematic way
outspread here,to change says nay!

But the presence of progress
Lies in embracing change
If not life will in path digress
Into waters ,oft strange.....

The simpleton outlook
Much smiled at
Is out of the book
I smile to say so what?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Humanitarian ?

When the world is bent on thinking less of you
And you are hell bent to clear their doubts
When the skies hold angry dark clouds few
Makes a fuss ,when every cloud counts

In adding to the quantum of water required
To gentle touch this world
Where chaos unfurls ,as if wrongly wired
And have heads with hair uncurled

Madam of Magical powers
Anger in mind curls
Why this much anguish I must face?
When only good I have done to retrace

Is it to bake an Humanitarian cake?
Where all must know each other better?


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking through the window

Looking through the window
Of the Car ;speeding down a flyover
I watch the loaded, crowded bus below
My mind races on with thoughts forever

Can n't stop them even if I try
My heart goes out to those people
Who show their mute  misery
In their attire, false glitter not simple

In their eyes, their weary deficit look
Looks unhealthy ;our common Indian array
Will in near future get the "Somalian look'
Stressed,time taxed ;cash bound by the hooks.............

For the depreciating rupee
Making leaps in  tugging at decisions
Who will , the common man below see?
Our country now in electronic visions

Yet the scales are badly needing attentions
The wealthy pockets pull all the strings
The lower too get their mentions
But what of the tax paying middle man's stings?

His is sandwiched by fears one  side ;
His family , community, religious intentions
He must to his society in pride abide
Here in lies his vicious chains of limitations

Is there a feasibility in near future of substantial wages?
Decent affordable, well distributed food and greens?
Happy children,with greater physical fitness off stages?
Building a volume of hope ;as India strides forward in dreams.......

Direct them ; let them follow special interests;passions if possible  young
Build a brighter tomorrow;even as we labour with the pit falls of today!
Teachers, doctors,religious heads, political parties with Stars wing
To make the skies of morrow ;shine in a different radiant way!

Skill grows with practice; sticking to the jobs for longer period
If growing salary, promotions inspire will not man aspire?
If colleges are sanctioned ; are jobs also not to be planned, weirdo!
But  things will pick up ; simultaneously " All fronts progress" will transpire!

India and China,will show the rest of the world
The man power ; well harnessed is supreme power
As the pages of paper flies, transparency to journalistic future unfold
All political party will journey to turn an eye to secure the educated's cover........

Hope is a rope ,green,youthful, trusting, despite flattery of outward glitter
Mankind every where depends on; minds of leaders in power....
The focus of the limelight to trigger a new focused efforts beyond detour
Making the world sit up ; Washington post to get up and cover..........
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hope where have you run away ,my beloved child?
I wish unsaid all the words that hurt you......wild!
But with the strangling fears , in crushing din
I could not stop the rushing words from win
Minutes hardly flew by
When I could just sigh;
But the words had raced to the line of victory
I could not find the names that helped; in the directory!
With the words; I watched you run.......
Having escaped into the open to have fun!
Then I turned; to my lord.............
To let my eyes speak my pain loud.
Hope ;stop!please stay to say!
All is well in your very own way!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


                                                          Peace... is seeing a sunset, and knowing who to thank. 
                                                          The sunrise is Gods greeting - the sunset, his signature. 

All that glitters is not always gold
Today imitations flood the bazaar
Appearances cool;poise without scar
Pleasing to the eyes;oft It is told

Rare we see opportunities at hand
Mankind isn't in all that stiff bind
Fluctuating currents; control demand
Problems tend to oft; us blind

For better or for worse
When we dig another out;
Of an inexplicable curse
God will bless us; without doubt!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being Misunderstood


It hurts,Yes.....very badly
It robes the natural bubbling spirits in you;
To wish to nosedive under the blanket
Blanket oft found easy
In the sorry corner of the lonely bed
But ; it hardly is the best joke in town
Or the woman's best friend .
Standing up to defend one self
Is not easy, or merely a time waster;
Done with the grace of poetry;
Is sophisticated;
Mark of a  learner , scholar , poet...
In the hard world of competition,
Where; "I do what I feel like
I know I am right
The rest of the world can go boot itself"
Is the attitude fast growing.
right or wrong secondary!


Rare a gentle man,
To go lengths;
Rarer a gentle man who tries.....
To make an effort to action
So what if his very thought ;
Was simply off the center
In a tangent; misunderstood by the face value of words
Words in play in poetry!
Poetry is romantic
Poets more so......
Perhaps it appeared bold ;
When it held words
The folds of reality
Was dramatized YES!
The papers, media;
All tools of propagation
When misunderstanding is simply cleared
And forgiveness is granted 
Is sure bound for ever with chords
Chords strong and bold
Perhaps not very tasteful
But  just for sensitive hearts 
Of poetic dispositions or not......
Are not the only ones that hurt.......
Every human being is easy hurt.....
Words harsh achieve little.
Perhaps White lies are
Chocolaty wrapped to hurt less
Simply that.......


For not every one;
Has the courage to hang the phone
On the face
Or to refuse to answer a call
Not every one 
Is great enough
To hold on to principles 
As if to dear life
Not everyone is harsh enough
To refuse to accept
The humble hand 
Stretched in friendship
But the Irony
Is " Silence speaks"


"It tells she should know better!
She should toe the line,
She should hide her truths
Perhaps go bury herself
She is a bore;
like a broken record
Scratched disc
A crushed paper cover
A chocolate wrapper
He could do with out;
Door mat not to be spoken to;
Neither do pin cushions demand  words "

Neither Do fantasy
make real life sweeter.
Only a friend can do this........

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir


It turns the knife
Blames no one.....
Simply bleeds
Slowly killing
Human beings ;
Wishing warmth
Time taxed
Money driven
Hate geared

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Man may feel he can make independent decisions
A man in power may feel ; he has had it followed through
But truth remains that decisions are collective visions

If it is at all made ; by a single entity ,it is colored by his limitations
The decisions which ensure the following by force;
Limits it's follow through.....
Definitely,mind active, interferes with his actions.....

Oft his moods and benefits and loss colours his judgement
Even his pride , ego and his own self image , heightened by his position
Man then is as much a victim of his power, position,influence
giving colour in management

Just as an artist's work reflects his uniqueness
So does a person's management skills his own flavour
Soon , his subordinates can perceive his style or moodiness

Then the obedience or concurrence may be sometimes missing...
This in turn can be perceived by the managers
Hence this feel in the electric atmosphere leads to fussing;

Proactive people; arm themselves well
Take pride in their achievement 
Also make it a point not to in trivia dwell 

progress then is comparatively slower than when unity prevail
In mind's wavelength and thoughts directions
Congress of people ; oft find this a Herculean task to prevail

Friday, September 7, 2012


Don't Be Afraid to Let Go of the Past

To let go of something is the essence of the Serenity Prayer, which has ministered to millions of adults recovering from a troubled childhood, as well as to other sufferers:

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time,
accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
taking, as the god himself did,
this sinful world as it is,
not as I would have it,
trusting that You will make all things right
if I surrender to Your will;
so that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with You forever in the next. Amen.
-Reinhold Niebuhr

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Those people in this glorious profession
SHOULD be today saluted
I to this day ;miss their lovely session!
Children are god's gifts and joy
Teaching has its own charm and difficulties
To teach them an art to learn and enjoy!



Why the clogs in the drainage?

Why rotten leaves left to clutter ?
Why the sweeper is not to this duty put?
Any ways life is full of ifs and but!

The stagnant water 
Store house of flies in gutter
Smelling roads,our curse
How does this ;with reason nurse?

The time must come;
When people voice ; discomfort some
And"This will do' goes down the drains
Compromise oft gives long term pains

The strains of living as a poor
Is a life of active doer's rugged endeavour
The sun on the face
The sweat his brows lace

Oft I wish to ask;Oft I wonder
Governing people ;care render......
Mass attitudes too, must uplift
Making our world,a peaceful oasis swift!

Each human's life style cell phones uplift
No doubt; but still if the nation is fed ;better a gift!
Food stuff , veggies more fresh!
Fruits grown in abundance;my imaginations stretch 

I love apples, banana's and black berries....
Guava, grapes , pineapple and cherries
Grown in abundance,Cheaper they will be available
If only farming could be done with respect stable

If the world's focus; shift from automobiles;
Cellphone technologies and turns to grass roots ties
The green looks of lands, the prosperity of people
Will again become a fad; human crazy will for it grapple

Media has the power to mass reach;I mention
Advertisements the power to capture attention 
Let each human being;learn the truth in Indian history
Learn of the different religions ; and its embedded mystery! 

The home is human society's cell;its powerhouse the earning members
The mother is their first teacher;the grandparents their loving, parenting members
Making life a beautiful cosy cocoon; teachers makes school going a joyful tune........
Each different stage of life ; with varying needs sewn

The God's glory in places of worship peaceful sung
No mikes needed to blare, the soul's devotional fling
We need more to meditate and reach inside our selves..........
See what else can be done; long forgotten and left in the shelves.......