Thursday, December 17, 2015

Partnering life

I check and double check
But my heart has only love to spare
Hard feelings ebb away unstuck
Age has mellowed me ;I simply care.....

I find forgiving easier;
memories erased out; screen clear
Makes my days busier
My thoughts hold no fear......

Truth is faced ; as it is
Accepting self with shortcomings
Is no fairy tale bliss
But still quaint happiness prevails....

Across the world
No matter the distances
Time rolled;changes natural to hold
mingling edges no fences

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


They slips from my eyes
As thoughts of you flow through
I see you as a friend in forever ties.....
Yet this bonding close; too close
My inner voice to me does disclose

I smile at my naughty self
In the passing ;as the hanging mirror
reflects me from its shelf......
I do not deny to myself, ever
My eyes speek silent,if not clever......

As I for a fraction stop
My heart it does hold a dent....
Which into words oft pop....
As then the words of golden truth
From my heart spontaneous comes forth.....

I long to rush across the distance between
To into your arms fly; for a fraction longer than necessary
To silent let you know;my love its value to redeem
For my tongue is harsh to false protect
So you do not my broken thoughts ever  detect......

Yet even as words to send you away is often frames
My heart would like you to stay and friend remain
But how will you?my heart plaintive asks and dreams...
For the romantic ;larking just round the bend
Wishes this friendship; to into love blossom and unbend

You in your maturity and experience
Can see my responses and self struggles plain
Try hard as I do to hide it in vain;a little dense...
As if ;you can not my heart in my eyes discern
Gentleman in control ;walk away with a little concern;

Tears overwhelm; they fall not heeding my advice.....
Tears for the distance necessary;tears for the ambiguity
Tears for the plain truth;emotions misplaced......unwise
Tears to solve this sizzle puzzle;tears to change your mind

Tears to promise true relationship;tears too, of my undying love forever remind


Melanie Martinez toxic lyrics

Your seemingly limitless energy!

You much like fresh dew drop shine
On every grass blade tip
Making me with added vigor pine!!!

Your seemingly limitless energy!

                                               Adds the dash of youthfulness much envied
                                                        I have oft tried to my fascination deny
                                               Eyes glued on your soft tread on wet grass spied.....

                                                                Your seemingly limitless energy!
You are a figment of my imagination perhaps
That makes you no less real I console myself
For you are like the little boy in my heart ;beyond time's lapse

Your seemingly limitless energy!!!!

Part of your childhood now
Long lost in your teenage spice
And youths responsible duty's slice......

Your seemingly limitless energy!!

Ever green  my memory claims
Holding you for ever dear
Loved one you must grow up life tames

Your seemingly limitless energy!

With you ;Still like  fresh dew drop's shine
On every grass blade tip
Making me with added vigor pine!!!


“Peace” is the” hunger” of the new born

The” thirst” of the old

The “need” to bridle the power of the youth

It is the fundamental need of the human race

It is the reason for tears of a poet

It is NOT a disease of the imbalanced mind

It is NOT a curse of God

It is NOT the lost treasure

It is “A breathing all Alive bird”

Represented by the pigeon……..

Let not the terrorism of the less evolved mankind;

Or the technically more evolved mankind



Allow this pigeon to fly away…..

Let it live in our colonies

To sing of gurgling peace

This is my plea my GOD

Call they do; you in many names

I call you the light

The light of enlightenment