Friday, March 23, 2012


I can see the confusions in your mind
I can hear your lamentations
The multiple choices life provides
Which is best?

Which will carter to your life's visions
Will I be able to compete?
The mind of the average person
That I am;how do I pave my path?

Is there no mid way?
To make you make ends meet 
Is all of life into two slots cut?
Perhaps to the mind set of the urban child; it is!

For where did he skip to play?
Was his time left uncharted
Or his thoughts ever given room to wander?
Decide for himself ; what suits him best?

Ironic side effect of successful parents
Chartered life,ironed out smooth
The unexpected then topples him easy!
He is in mental soup unable to handle!

Blurred his visions
Blurred his roots
Path and thoughts narrowed
Insults not easy swallowed;

Feet in new grounds stumble,
Image begins to crumble
Vivacity diminished; brooding expands
Still awe stuck by the simple ways of the free birds?

His mother fed ego;
His first enemy
For to her eyes; he was apple to cherish
Out in the world; where unjust words are oft fairly thrown

How will he survive? He is vulnerable to stronger minds
People make fun of his strict good manners
For in  Rome where nudity is crazy...overdressed is o.k!!

But surely there is a median?
His mind questions
Yes and then life is also left in the middle scape
The massive middle class is so created.....

The median path of minimum risk
Is easier to follow; and makes man much to swallow
Then perhaps In a story from rags to riches
Will smith has some answers to give us......

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moot Malini