Monday, July 30, 2012

We at the bottom step?

1.We at the bottom step?

Did we arrive at the bottom step
Feel as if we have landed?
Time to get off conveyor belt's grip?

Perhaps it just shows
Its time to travel in even pace
God also routines;endearing loves.......

For in the rhythm of routines
Stress of unexpected minimises
Long standing goals; flourishes......

Each of us can with tiny steps take forward
Make a mark and take this world
Into loving,caring,sharing,journey onward...!!!

The youth has the fire,the old the wisdom
Men the Vigour,women the compassion....
Children hold the candle of hope forgotten;perhaps seldom!!!

2.We at the step 'BOTTOM"

"BOTTOM" rock bottom?
Fears should positive dissolve
For now senses should be numb!!

Emotional upheavals man's drawback
Ego is first rival;even low moods enslave.....
Energy drains,eyes may lustre lack

Then the helping hands of well wishers
Friends,relatives and neighbours octave
All help to find ones feet as it ushers 

Poetry is flow of work in smooth pace
Let life fill every human's pore with patient resilience
Make life's table cloth be edged with lace
3."BOTTOM"Do we step at?

People at the lower rugs of life
In less fortunate lands of slum
Less space ,lesser resources causing strife! 

Smiles ;their too as I walk I see....
In lesser expectations;lesser strain?
My heart reaches out free...........

But ; what I ask myself I do?
We can simply with loving words interact
For their burdens are ever so true...........

My walk has lead me back home
I have duties waiting me here
Promise of giving joy wholesome!

Hypocrisy is here to stay
I too belong to the same band
Will you my Lord; shower the way?