Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Are The Inspiration

I see the wings of corruption
Spread far and wide
Like an unearthed Dinosaur
Fed with existent tide

I see the ministerial angels
In the fancy colored 
Feather light frills of pride
Flying in the puissance
Peer pressure, unable to denounce
Caught in the false glitter
Of the lauded media

Reality of our times
No longer a half hidden exchange
Under the table
Is this ruling party's 
"On the table" issue
To be faced,

This perhaps undermines
Decisions otherwise,
Better possible

Take measures
hitherto not taken
To ensure  mandatory
Co operations
acted upon
and challenged 

Let not religion become
Pickled treats
To fanatic, drunken mass;
But ensure progress
Worthy of royal pride!

So that the setting Sun
From the west at dusk
half turns
To view the hue of the rising Sun
Of the eastern energetic skies.........

Hope I hug you dearer;
Love I plead you every where
To open the conscience
Of the men in power
To lead stronger
Worthy of their bold blood
Acts cowardly
Of bombing to death
Innocent many unaware
That last breath
he was taking....terrorised!.

May the warm hands of 
Unconditional love
Embarrassed not;
Eternally run the show
In man kind's mind.

Eulogize to change their opinions
To the popular rages of our times
To ensure the validity ;
Of higher rated tenure!

To make the world 
Stand up with due interest
and apparent appreciation