Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking through the window

Looking through the window
Of the Car ;speeding down a flyover
I watch the loaded, crowded bus below
My mind races on with thoughts forever

Can n't stop them even if I try
My heart goes out to those people
Who show their mute  misery
In their attire, false glitter not simple

In their eyes, their weary deficit look
Looks unhealthy ;our common Indian array
Will in near future get the "Somalian look'
Stressed,time taxed ;cash bound by the hooks.............

For the depreciating rupee
Making leaps in  tugging at decisions
Who will , the common man below see?
Our country now in electronic visions

Yet the scales are badly needing attentions
The wealthy pockets pull all the strings
The lower too get their mentions
But what of the tax paying middle man's stings?

His is sandwiched by fears one  side ;
His family , community, religious intentions
He must to his society in pride abide
Here in lies his vicious chains of limitations

Is there a feasibility in near future of substantial wages?
Decent affordable, well distributed food and greens?
Happy children,with greater physical fitness off stages?
Building a volume of hope ;as India strides forward in dreams.......

Direct them ; let them follow special interests;passions if possible  young
Build a brighter tomorrow;even as we labour with the pit falls of today!
Teachers, doctors,religious heads, political parties with Stars wing
To make the skies of morrow ;shine in a different radiant way!

Skill grows with practice; sticking to the jobs for longer period
If growing salary, promotions inspire will not man aspire?
If colleges are sanctioned ; are jobs also not to be planned, weirdo!
But  things will pick up ; simultaneously " All fronts progress" will transpire!

India and China,will show the rest of the world
The man power ; well harnessed is supreme power
As the pages of paper flies, transparency to journalistic future unfold
All political party will journey to turn an eye to secure the educated's cover........

Hope is a rope ,green,youthful, trusting, despite flattery of outward glitter
Mankind every where depends on; minds of leaders in power....
The focus of the limelight to trigger a new focused efforts beyond detour
Making the world sit up ; Washington post to get up and cover..........
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir