Thursday, October 18, 2012


Many a tree; unnoticed passed by.....
Fell to this earth giving shelter to many
How oft it must in toil of growth sigh
Did man think twice to cut any?

Forest of them burn away.....
The earth misses it in a large way
If it had a way to speak or have a say
Would it have let you cut it ;any way?

Men of great potential, great valor
Must also  the bed of death face...
Then why not add as much color
As possible to life keeping pace?

It is hardship he weathered brave
That makes him stand apart
Makes human my heart; crave
His friendship girdle ; to be a part....

Tall he stood iconic
towering in life
Massive and stoic
weathering strife...........


Saturday, October 13, 2012

DEEP FEARS resolved..............

"Neeya naana" a program in Vijay T.V
The show is a debate show;
and The show on October 7th
held a comprehensive view
On the topic swirling in my mind.Our daughter- in -law" Kavitha" participated in this show.
I feel a deep sense of gratefulness to the team who  researched and conducted this show
anchored by GOPINATH

I must; tell all my well wishers, friends and the surrounding neighbours....
I have been traversing  some years of my recent life,
In comprehensive fears mind in tears at the sight of the she grew up......
a result of cross cousin marriage
Unable to hate, or love.....
But pulled into a vortex of inner dejection too

My life apart....I do not debate it as it was entirely my choice.
So the plus and minus my own responsibility
It has had its own challenges and I have found my own ways of facing it...
But; having married in close relative

I have chosen to marry my mother's youngest brother.

I now have three children .................

I am in the lookout to find a groom for my own children

......mind has been in inner research  all the time.....fears lurking unvoiced...........

Yazhini's birth had its own emotional, moral....
and deep rooted fears evoked..........
......being a bit of a softy;poetic in disposition.....having married for love......
I care more than I should and worry more than I should....
emotional to the core...............

This debate were stability in marriage is is true;

relatives circle and care is definitely perhaps overpowering ;in the larger sense

yet gives a deeper security too!an Indian system to take pride in......

"DRAVIDIAN KINSHIP" some thing to  be valued!

also the fact that 48% and 52% is the only difference as far as genetic disorder is concerned.....

and 25% there is gene sharing in mama and akka's daughter marriage coupling
and 12 to 13% gene pool sharing in cross cousin marriages is a clear fact to remember.eases the mind .....
to a great extent.

If and in cases were we have chronic persistent conditions.....
perhaps a logical decision to take is also required.......

Socially a stable system, undoubted....for if not despite misunderstanding, tug- a -war issues
we still hold on......
and I myself would not go to these lengths to see happiness in faces not worrying about myself,or my ill reputations in consequence.....
    "beyond trivia.....unity is strength!!"

had it not been for the kinship and "our people" feelings and the help in various tricky situations of life.


Which is the happiness of being related connected
then the distance of time, place of residence, why country of residence...
the inability to say hello every day is greatly shortened.....

as" true love is understanding the other's pain"

you too can experience it.............

"let us find happiness in unity,
progress in relationship and trust!"


Thursday, October 4, 2012


                                       WAVES COULD NOT WASH YOU AWAY

Lord of this world ;
And of all three worlds
I am told......

The foot prints in the sand deep
Speaking of your warm self......
As waves take a peep.......

Incoming tide
All frothy and bubbly
Emotions take a ride......

Slowly faith finds its feet
matching steps with you
Life is then heavenly and sweet!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



In our worst times
Lord must have picked us up
I often feel this,vibes
Undefinable, pregnant
With the emotions strong
Held through my tough times;
Eyes dazzled by the Sun's brilliance
Cozy in the lords hold
To life on this earth behold!