Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Trigger of thoughts

The Trigger of thoughts
That impinged my conscience
Asking me ;why not a penance?
When world is full of such smart slots? 

The Elephant God's power on this world huge
As strong as the worldly speedy horse power ?
Continue to as large as life tower.............
You with no remorse  emotions scrounge!

I smile up at you and dimple......;
Well ; the poets pen wishes world peace!
You then  questions to ask cease.....
I continue; eyes on immediate family portal.......

Yet the heart is squeezed tight a wee bit;
A deep longing to your voice again hear; speaks..........
As  a mischievous smile on your cheek  tweaks
Speaks of your unchanged love and of vivacious wit

Whispers into my friendly ears,
Smiling away cares;will you meet?
It will be simply an unforgettable  treat
I shall dimple in thought for years..........
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Malinikadir

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