Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let the fingers be crossed....

Let the fingers be crossed....

Let the fingers be crossed....
We have made it past the barriers of illness,
Harsh words, failures, setbacks,
We have walked in unity beyond the doubts ,
Evil belittling words,angry outbursts,
We have discovered that the more important things .....
Can not be at the mercy of lesser things ;
When unity survives, humanness prevails!!!
For none of us here on this earth are perfect
Simple ! because the laws of nature and religion says
We are born to rectify
To overcome and perfect our souls
If that were an accomplished  work
We would be saying goodbye to work here.....
So life is within you and me cause we still have ours imperfections ...............

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moot Malini


  1. can feel the lines.very nice.wish i could write like this.thanks for sharing.

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    2. thankyou Tiku for sharing........

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