Saturday, August 11, 2012



Universal needs of the down trodden
Healthy pockets must ease......
The laws may car industry harness, brand laden
Serve the nations better ,they should " paraphrase'

I see with poetic eye;
A scarcity of petrol and diesel
I also  the traffic hazards spy
The tough competency's good sell

Half of earth ;as roads may have to change
And the rest as basement and skyscrapers
Ho ;well brothers of these high range
I wonder if comfy travel are myth trappers

Need to swing into the research wing
Pit wits into the making of scientific replacement
Of our "ozone deficit sky above" caused by our wing...........
Letting the "SUN" scorch mankind to skin aliment

Heaven may just decide to shift residence
God may holiday in god's own country!
Earth may still be the paradise in essence
If we simply join hands to common goals try!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini kadir

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