Monday, August 27, 2012

In my perceptive .......

I would love to see peace at equilibrium
Which would arrive weighing things up
Perhaps the balance scales are to the brim
Well,a little discussion before sup;

On the streets,roads valley and mountain trail
The blue sky above and the clouds breezy lies moving........
The foam of speedy dirty waters? thunderous to grail?
Well to jockey ,I keep my wishes pacing......

Should clear all heads and peace restore
World is "MAYA" or simply our visions of it!
As you think so you see what is in our store!
Faithfully being marketed ;making money with every bit!

Will the maker of this universe
Make decision wiser ;asks the "KARMA"
Sitting stout on the scales trying to verse!
Well ; it is definitely not running to "MA"

It is standing tall,breathing easy being cool!
It perceives this is achieved by the holder of this balance
The remaining tiger in the pool
It is called "AA/NA/VAM" or simply EGO in self reliance!

"MAYA" And "KARMA" the two cats,black and white
Held to balance by the brown monkey"EGO"
Up one minute;then down not to whim but adjustments slight
And so the story into SHIVA SIDDHANTHA Steps on  the GO!

This a doctrine not a religion ;can be by every one read
Freely heard on C.D's,and read in numerous books
It is I believe  a sound creed,as  Lady Montessori's sound  bred
Captures my mind ,holds it meditatively more than looks!


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