Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Man may feel he can make independent decisions
A man in power may feel ; he has had it followed through
But truth remains that decisions are collective visions

If it is at all made ; by a single entity ,it is colored by his limitations
The decisions which ensure the following by force;
Limits it's follow through.....
Definitely,mind active, interferes with his actions.....

Oft his moods and benefits and loss colours his judgement
Even his pride , ego and his own self image , heightened by his position
Man then is as much a victim of his power, position,influence
giving colour in management

Just as an artist's work reflects his uniqueness
So does a person's management skills his own flavour
Soon , his subordinates can perceive his style or moodiness

Then the obedience or concurrence may be sometimes missing...
This in turn can be perceived by the managers
Hence this feel in the electric atmosphere leads to fussing;

Proactive people; arm themselves well
Take pride in their achievement 
Also make it a point not to in trivia dwell 

progress then is comparatively slower than when unity prevail
In mind's wavelength and thoughts directions
Congress of people ; oft find this a Herculean task to prevail

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