Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being Misunderstood


It hurts,Yes.....very badly
It robes the natural bubbling spirits in you;
To wish to nosedive under the blanket
Blanket oft found easy
In the sorry corner of the lonely bed
But ; it hardly is the best joke in town
Or the woman's best friend .
Standing up to defend one self
Is not easy, or merely a time waster;
Done with the grace of poetry;
Is sophisticated;
Mark of a  learner , scholar , poet...
In the hard world of competition,
Where; "I do what I feel like
I know I am right
The rest of the world can go boot itself"
Is the attitude fast growing.
right or wrong secondary!


Rare a gentle man,
To go lengths;
Rarer a gentle man who tries.....
To make an effort to action
So what if his very thought ;
Was simply off the center
In a tangent; misunderstood by the face value of words
Words in play in poetry!
Poetry is romantic
Poets more so......
Perhaps it appeared bold ;
When it held words
The folds of reality
Was dramatized YES!
The papers, media;
All tools of propagation
When misunderstanding is simply cleared
And forgiveness is granted 
Is sure bound for ever with chords
Chords strong and bold
Perhaps not very tasteful
But  just for sensitive hearts 
Of poetic dispositions or not......
Are not the only ones that hurt.......
Every human being is easy hurt.....
Words harsh achieve little.
Perhaps White lies are
Chocolaty wrapped to hurt less
Simply that.......


For not every one;
Has the courage to hang the phone
On the face
Or to refuse to answer a call
Not every one 
Is great enough
To hold on to principles 
As if to dear life
Not everyone is harsh enough
To refuse to accept
The humble hand 
Stretched in friendship
But the Irony
Is " Silence speaks"


"It tells she should know better!
She should toe the line,
She should hide her truths
Perhaps go bury herself
She is a bore;
like a broken record
Scratched disc
A crushed paper cover
A chocolate wrapper
He could do with out;
Door mat not to be spoken to;
Neither do pin cushions demand  words "

Neither Do fantasy
make real life sweeter.
Only a friend can do this........

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malini Kadir


It turns the knife
Blames no one.....
Simply bleeds
Slowly killing
Human beings ;
Wishing warmth
Time taxed
Money driven
Hate geared

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