Sunday, April 15, 2012


The old songs that make my childhood come alive;
Now in my finger tips
Merely a mouse touch.................

Life for every one is happy or sad
As a child
No matter how they recall those times
Depending on their many perceptions.......
Is the foundation of those children

We as adults know
That life is not always the way we wish....
But ; perhaps the only consolation is
God is impartial,
He gives us what is best for us
Perhaps if we desire things different;
All we really need to ever do is wish for it ,
Work hard towards it

Then if it does not work out
Accept that God wished this for our best!
Happiness is more a acceptance of what is in our plates
Accepting the draw backs in us
let not the world's  peer pressures affect us

When even the solitary flower;
In the way side fields;
Is watered to bloom so well
Will the God not care for us Human beings?

Let us relax; sure after every misfortune
A booty of joy waits to be delivered
It is simply waiting for god's final word
For He is the maker of all earth and heaven....
Of the oceans and the seas around our home................

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