Monday, July 23, 2012


I  am being drawn into the spiritual aspect of my life's journey ,

When all is said and done,
All is seen and felt
The matter looses its power to hold the mind
Man's quest for purpose of birth grows into a different dimension.......
If each human being will
Boycott , protest against trivia being magnified, colored, echoed....
telecast, spread by journalist to reach larger platforms
 make man see things in as many different views as there is....perhaps
the aim is to make the person see his own self as others see it.

And if Nations continue to counter act and put forth new ploy and weapons for selfish or rather narrow
power play.........
Where can solutions be found?
Some where, a leader has to find a way to make this world see reason surely?
Terrorism can not be justified,
Then again;the same soul who does enter extreme
solutions are then by some greater power instigated
.......and destruction is not doing mankind good.
Not even his own kith and kin....
Where too is man kind walking?
Answer to yourself my loving children of god
Which of you who is involved is in your inner soul truly happy?
Will you not say to your own partner and children
I have entered this.....
There is no true peace in it,
always having to doubt every one...
always afraid to sleep well....
always afraid what your tomorrow will hold?

...............peacefully negotiated .
LET us all do the growing up together.....

Maturity is 1st- total dependency
~~~~~~~~2nd- need for total independence
~~~~~~~~3rd- need for interdependence.
All the nations ;
need to fairly share with care for the other nations
welfare too....!
Why does genuine needs of the poor not get heard?
"Poetry ! Oh! my poetry!
is simply a child in each man
~~~~~~~~ a child does not camouflage;
But needs to learn step by step with loving ,caring 
guidance,of the realities of this world.....

1. A leader can not be every where at the same time,the people who provide information,
should also do so with the same aim...Then minds need to be synchronous.
2. Man needs to go to the root of problems,to eradicate and find solutions.Team work is better
if personal competitiveness is overcome.
3.Each person when he feels his tiny contribution is valued, happier work environment is built.
every thing is easy said and takes time....but perhaps can be tried.......
4.Each individual's mind is at its optimum function,
When he has had time to rest adequately.

This is simply an imagination of an imaginative poet........perhaps
We are dreamers.....oft foolishly in love with the world.
But the near future... a beautiful
clean, well fed, affectionate and happy human race will be created.

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