Tuesday, July 3, 2012


ALL things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song. This                                                       
is the message of the new order, the new life and the new   time. It is the golden text                                                      
of the great gospel of human sunshine. It is the central        truth of that sublime                                                             
philosophy of existence, which declares that the greatest    good is happiness, and that                                                   
heaven is here and now. To live in the spirit of this              wonderful message ; to be a                                                  
living example of this great gospel, to work out in everyday life the principle of this

inspiring philosophy, the first and most important thing to do, is to lay aside our sorrows and glooms, and just be glad.

Wherever you are, or whatever has happened, just be glad.   Be glad because you are                                                                  
here. You are here in a beautiful world; and all that is            beautiful may be found in this                                                       
world. It is a world wherein all that is rich in life may be        enjoyed beyond measure; a                                                             
world wherein happiness may overflow eternally in every            human heart ; a world                                                                    
wherein all the dreams of life may be realized, and all the      visions of the soul made                                                                  
true. Then why should we not be glad ; first of all, that we     are here ; that we are in                                                                  
this world ; that we may stay here for a long time if we so     desire, and enjoy every                                                                    
minute to the full.                                                                            

The real truth is that this world is nothing less than   a limitless sea of happiness, the vastness and glory of which we are just beginning to know. And life itself is a song,...........

while time is one eternal symphony.
 To be in tune with life, 
therefore, and to be in harmony with the endless music of time, we must of necessity be glad......... 

"God is our friend,whatever you may call him
The lord, the All mighty...........as you wish and please to call.......

But after we have learned to be glad, under every circumstance, it is no longer a necessity;

 it is a privilege, and has become a part of our active, living, thinking self...................
Just be glad, and decide you always will be glad.

You will have better reason to be glad. You
will have more and more things to make you glad.

For great is the power

"especially "human sunshine 
It can change anything, transform anything

re-make anything, and cause anything to become as fair and beautiful as itself.
Just be glad and your fate will change; a new life will begin and a new future will
dawn for you......

 All things that are good and desirable will begin to come into your
world in greater measure, and you will be enriched far beyond your expectations,
both from the without and from the within.

And the cause of the change is this, 

"that all things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song.........."


Life is a poetry alive;
When we sow the seeds of love
Join hands,
Accept our frailties,
Which makes us so human
As human as our fellow men,
Then when we begin with vision;
Decide to put the best foot forward
Making each of us enthusiastic
Of acceptance as they our
To slowly step by step
Move with unfaltering sureness
Towards a brighter life..........
Each human life will work harder to enrich
Beyond the fact of being man or woman
A just, reasonable,self respecting adult...
This earth is then a haven of peace....
Here negotiations are just;
Leaders are far sighted
Where the wheels of life
Is essential pushed
With the greatest of power....
"The power of united,truer,focused,humanity empowers the world!!"

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