Friday, February 3, 2012


The struggle with the traffic,
The sound of horn
Constant edge in stress specific
All adrenaline at work inborn!

Hey! its so tough!
This battle with the energetic races
Someways it seems enough;
To simply tag along with excuses!

Simply impossible to be mechanical ;
Always on ones toes brisk!
Daily office work ;a sea of crises ghoul!
Threatens if you avoid risk!

Tell me pals;shall we ease a while?
Sit back to breathe easy?
Put back our smile
Before we again get busy?

Life oft teaches; ups and downs
length and breath finds its equilibrium
The spirit is keep going ; no crowns!
Tough evaluations not gonna make us squirm!!

Try me;should be our spirits;
having expressed our creative wits!
let us shine and let shine friends!
Excelling in freedom to express our rights!

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